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Reactor disk core cutting line is used for processing large and medium size reactor core wedge stack of the core device. The equipment can automatically complete the fixed length feeding, punching and shearing, chamfering, and classification and automatic stacking at both ends.

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The brief Introduction of  Shunt Reactor Core Cutting Line

1.Raw material to be processed on this cut to length machine

 Material : Silicon Steel

 Material Tolerance :±0.1mm;

 Material Burrs : ≤0.03mm

 Material S Level : 0.1mm≤ 1000mm

 Material Wave Level : ≤15 mm /1000mm

 2.Process range of core cutting machine

Material Thickness : 0.18~0.35mm;

Material Width : 100~600mm;

Height of Core(H1):60~400mm;

Stepped size:0-600mm (customized)

 3.Cutting machine processing accuracy

Length Tolerance:±0.02mm/200mm;

Angle Tolerance:±0.005°;

Shearing Burr:≤0.02mm(1 million shearing /Grinding);

Punching Burr: ≤0.02mm(200 thousand punching /Grinding);

 4.CNC cut to length line speed:

Max feeding speed: 200m/min;

Effective Working Speed: 120m/min(related with quality of raw material and shape of cutting);

Cutting Speed 25*2=50pc/min (Related to shape of the lamination) 

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  • Q1: How to grantee the quality ?

    The quality is approved by national certificate ,several senior inspection personnel ,the brand material supplier ensure the safety and reliability of everything from storage to finished the goods .


    Q2:Do you provide overseas installation and training ?

    A: It’s optional .Our company will provide the guidance and videos for installation and commissioning.

    If you need ,we can send engineers for for overseas installation and training.


    Q3:How long is the warranty ?

    A:The warranty period is 12 months .During Any problems ,our company will respond within 24 hours .

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