Short Description:

This core tilting platform is the automatic auxiliary equipment for core lamination process, Consist of Roller Table, Core Stacking table, Trolley, and Tilting table. This Stacking Line is to replace the original laminated platform and Crane requirements, At the same time, the negative effect of core tilting on core performance after stacking is solved. When stacking, the stacking table shall be placed on the working roller, and the position of the support column on the stacking table shall be adjusted according to the required size. After stacking, the stacking table shall be transported to the trolley and from the trolley to the tilting station to complete the tilting operation.

Product Detail

Main Technical parameters and requires

Apply Core stacking range

Largest iron core        1736 * 320 * 1700 mm

Max weight of core      4000 kg


Main stacking table parameters

Platform size           1600 * 1010mm

Slide working length     1200mm (fixed)

Adjustable length        two ends the 0-300 mm

Core column adjusting range  A-B、B-C(Mo):160-700mm

Min.H                 380mm


Reference schematic

stacking table

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