Short Description:

Horizontal spindle and rectangular table surface grinder is suitable for use in machinery manufacturing, small batch production workshop and other machine,or tool workshop, grinding for parts of plane and profile

Product Detail

Structure features of surface grinder

A.The hydraulic control for the longitudinal direction of the table
B.Hydraulic pressure control for a horizontal continuous or intermittent feed of Grinding head,or manual feed.
C.Grinding head adopts rolling bearing, compact structure, easy to maintenance.

Technical Parameters of rectangular table surface grinder

Working table (W*L) 320×1000mm

Processing range

The largest grinding workpiece size (L*W*H) 1000×320×400mm
 The maximum weight for a workpiece 500Kg

Working table

Working table (W*L) 320×1000mm
Electromagnetic table (W*L) 320×1000mm
Longitudinal largest movement amount 1140mm
Longitudinal movement speed 2-18m/min
T-slot slot number 3strips
Width 18mm

Grinding head

The vertical largest movement amount 380mm
Each scale value for the handwheel 0.005mm
The horizontal largest movement amount 370mm
Hydraulic feeding intermittent 2-20mm/ Reversing a work
Continuous 0.5-3m/min
Each scale value for the handwheel 0.01mm
Wheel spindle speed 1500r/min
Wheel dimension (outside dimension * width * Inside dimension ) φ400×40×φ127mm

The hydraulic system

Pressure adjustment for the main oil 1.3-1.5Mpa
Cooling pump flow 50L/min

Total power

Grinding head 5.5KW
Quick lifting mechanism 0.37KW
The hydraulic system 1.1KW
The cooling system 0.2KW

Work precision for
cut-to-length line surface grinder

Factory qualified standard (business standard numbers Q/JBAG29-2001)
P1 five pieces of cylindrical grinding or square specimen
The thickness of the specimen should be equal after grinding
On the 300 mm length is 0.005 mm
Specimen size:φ50×50mm

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